Interior Design Eye Candy

Interior Design Eye Candy

If you are an advocate for the cold, crisp days that December brings, what I am about to say may rub you wrong. For me, winter time is a mesh of blue and gray hues literally putting a filter on our every day lives. Needless to say, for me, winter time is a bland season in which I want to get through as quickly as possible.

While I wait on the beloved season of sunshine and sandals, tweaking the inside, makes the outside seem bearable. Take a look at these amazing pops of color in this exquisite design by Doherty Design Studio based out of Hawthorn, Australia. 

What really sets this design aside from others for me, is the designers ability to combine a variation of textures to create a funky illusion of depth and personality. Nailed it.

Natural toned wood meets a quirky black and white run rug, topped with a golden wire-brushed bubble chandelier. Minimalist, without blandness or boredom. There's so much to look at, without the added clutter. This designer used the perfect balance of furniture, and renovation to give this home life, and a pinch of sweet summertime.

This cheerful 1920's inspired family room is sure to pull anyone out of their winter slumber. We more than appreciate our Modern Minimalist family and we give thanks to all of the amazing designers all around the world inspiring each of us one room at a time. Until next time, Happy Holidays!